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Introducing Exide Xplore. The only zero-maintenance VRLA motorcycle battery with the X Factor. Built with world-class Calcium Effects Technology, it delivers a power-packed performance and endures tough Indian road conditions. Xplore comes with a 24-month pro-rata warranty that includes a 24-month free replacement warranty.

  • The revolutionary Gas Recombination system eliminates water loss making the battery completely maintenance-free.

  • The spill-proof design guards against the possibility of leakage, even if mounted in a tilted or inclined position.

  • The advanced Lead-Calcium technology leads to low self-discharge.

  • Unique Flame Arrestor ensures greater safety.

  • The AGM construction gives superior cranking power and better resistance to vibration and hence makes this battery the most reliable in the market today.

  • The permanently sealed VRLA battery comes factory-charged.

  • It needs no refilling, electrolyte or water.


    Battery Type Part Number Capacity (AH) 10HR (REF) CCA at -18°C as per SAE Maximum Overall Dimensions (MM) Nominal Weight (Kg) Electrolyte Volume (Litres) Charging Current (A)
    L W H
    XLTZ3 FXL0-XLTZ3 3 - 113 70 85 1.33 0.200 0.3
    XLTZ4 FXL0-XLTZ4 4 50 113 70 85 1.50 0.186 0.3
    XLTZ5 FXL0-XLTZ5 4 60 113 70 105 2.00 0.250 0.4
    XLTZ7 FXL0-XLTZ7 6 85 113 70 130 2.65 0.355 0.7

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